Write Scripture, Monk-Style.

Have you ever copied an entire book of the Bible by hand? We have, and we know a number of folks who have, not to mention the many people whose faithful copying of scripture enabled us to have a copy of the Bible in our hands today. If you haven’t given it a try, or haven’t engaged in copying lately, let me try to convince you that it might be worth revisiting!

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Make time for Family Bible Time: Yes, you really can. 

Are you acquainted with a family that’s busy? You probably know the kind, running to appointments and practices and events and meetings and and and… Perhaps you do, or perhaps it’s you, but either way, one important thing that can get forgotten under a pile of busy family To-Do’s is spending time as a family in the Bible: Family Bible Time. (Skip to the TL;DR)

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Video: What Should Christians Do with Culture?

In this presentation, John Stonestreet discusses proper Christian  posture toward culture. He contends that culture is the water that we swim in, but also asks, “For what are we responsible?” Using the examples of Hans Scholl and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John argues that all believers are Christians and something else. Christians should’nt jump from one Christian bubble to another. Instead, they should take responsibility for aspects of culture that overlap with their life. Continue Reading

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Video Highlight: Objective Truth

In this presentation at the ReThink Conference, Brett Kunkle put forth the argument that Christians need to have better reasons for why they are Christians.

Giving reasons like, “I was raised Christian,” or “God changed my life,” have no impact on the atheist. Furthermore, Christians should avoid giving subjective truth reasons for their belief since experience is not enough to keep faith grounded. Instead, Brett contends that we should be able to state with confidence that, “I’m a Christian primarily because there are good reasons and evidence that Christianity is objectively true.” Objective truth is available to the believer.

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